All About Interior Wood Paneling

Everyone wants their home to be beautiful, no matter what shape it’s in. And while there are plenty of ways to make your place look more expensive and luxurious new paint job, new furniture, a built-in fireplace one way you can spruce up your interior that you might not have even considered is through interior wood paneling. It’s not as common in homes anymore, but wood paneling can make your home seem stately, elegant and even more spacious than it actually is. Here are some of the main benefits of adding wood paneling to your walls and how you can integrate it into your home.


The first benefit of interior wood paneling is that it offers you great design options to add interest and depth to your home. If you want to update the look of your home, you probably have no problem with colors, especially if they are bold. But, you might be wondering what designs work well together in the same room. Wood paneling allows you to create patterns or accents that blend beautifully with both colors and other design elements around your home such as furniture, carpet, lighting and even artwork.


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Another benefit of paneles acústicos is you won’t have to worry about painting over it every five years because it can be replaced or refinished. Unlike wallpaper, which is dying before your eyes, you don’t have to be worried that you’ll go through the same process over and over again when you’re trying to change up your home. You can also change your wood paneling throughout the seasons by simply adding color. If you are looking to revamp your space, a dark purple or black color might seem like a good idea, but it may not be the best choice for your home. By adding a lighter color such as cream or white to the paneling, you can easily change the look of your space every season and even with different decorations.


A third benefit of wood paneling is its lightweight nature. Most panels are made from linden wood and cedar, which is less dense than regular wood like oak or walnut so you won’t have to worry about it wobbling when you walk across your floors. Another thing that might not be thought of when you think about light weight is the price tag. While each panel isn’t expensive, it can add up when you look at replacing a lot of them in your home.


Do Your Prep Work Important Questions To Ask:

One of the most important things you need to know before choosing what kind of wood paneling to put in your home is how much weight each panel can hold. While it might be great that it isn’t as heavy, you still want to make sure that it won’t fall down on top of you and your family from hanging cabinets or shelves. Some panels are made especially for hanging heavy decorations or lighting fixtures. Others are just basic, but sturdy enough for certain uses around your home.


The Cost? 

As you might imagine, the price for wood paneling will depend on a number of things. The first thing to consider is how many panels you need to install and exactly what kind. One of the biggest purchases that you’ll likely have to make is what type of finish you want inside your panels. The finish will allow you to easily repaint or add color without having to worry about getting it perfectly even or stripping off and applying a new coat.


DIY or Hire a Pro?

If you’re not a DIYer and don’t want to install these yourself, you’ll want to find a professional who can do it for you. Of course, if you don’t know how this works or how hard it would actually be to install wood paneling, hiring your own professional might not be such a good idea. Both the cost and time will likely be more than you can afford or handle yourself.


Where to Buy It?

When it comes to buying wood paneling, you have three main choices. You can buy the panels themselves, have someone assemble them for you or buy a pre-built piece of furniture that requires little assembly and has pockets built into the design for your panels. The first two options will give you the most versatility, but they are also going to be more expensive and might take longer to get exactly what you want. 



Adding wood paneling to your home is a great way to add style and uniqueness that sets your home apart from other homes in your neighborhood. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain and can be removed as needed. There are some drawbacks such as the difficulty of finding a pro for installation, the cost associated with replacement pieces or just adding color and the fact that it isn’t very practical for heavy items on a regular basis.

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